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2021/4 28 15:02

On the 7th, Wang Zi went to the California Lottery Bureau office to accept the prize. She said that this is really a lot of money. She plans to go to the mall to buy a dress to wear to a friend’s party. By the way, she went to Vincent Street in Covina. Michael Lie’s Hotel at No. 333 North Section bought a 10-yuan Big Money scratch-off pmi lottery results archiveiece, but unexpectedly won a million prize.

Teratogenic cows appear in India and are worshipped by villagers as gods!

Canadian "Iron Buddy" joint lottery wins at the end of the 28th year and continues joint lottery purchases

According to Reuters, Hindustan Times, India Today and other media reports on the 17th, the Indian Ministry of Interior issued an order that day announcing the extension of the nationwide blockade to May 31. The Ministry of Interior of India also stated on social media Twitter: “The new guidelines have largely relaxed the blockade restrictions.”

The first jackpot win came in August 2016, when he won Rs 65 lakh on the Pournami lottery. In November of the following year, he won a second jackpot of Rs 70 lakh, this time on the Nirmal lottery. His third and most recent jackpot win rounded off a very lucky three years.

The US Mega Millions lottery draw on the evening of October 16th locami lottery results archivel time still did not show the first prize, so the prize money accumulates again. As of the evening of the 18th, the jackpot amount has increased to 970 million US dollars (about 6.73 billion yuan).